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Tags: 2015 Hydration Congress


All of the materials must be provided by the authors: the presentation summaries, abstracts, posters and the inclusion of one or more authors in each project or summary is under the criteria and responsibility of the main author. The Organizing Committee understands that when any material or work is sent by the principal author, it has the authorization of the other authors, where they exist. The Compañía de Servicios de Bebidas Refrescantes (The Coca-Cola Company in Spain) only formats and prints said documents and assumes no responsibility for their content.

Photographs and videos may be made of both the Congress itself and the poster exhibit area. This means that being present in the Congresses common areas, such as the poster exhibit area, implies authorization for said images to be recorded, and they may be distributed using conventional means of non-commercial communication: the press, TV, internet, etc.


The deadline for submitting abstract is: September 21 st, 2015. The principal author must be registered in the Congress.

  • An e-mail address is compulsory in order to receive information about the abstract via on-line.
  • The main author must appear in first place in the list of authors submitted to the website.
  • Only those abstracts not published in other congresses or journals will be accepted.
  • All accepted abstracts will be presented as Posters. However, the Scientific Committee will select some of them to be presented as Oral Communications.
  • The abstract submission will be done under the complete acceptance of all these criteria. The Scientific Committee could reject any abstract, if it is not adapted to any of these criteria.
  • Abstract acceptance or rejection will be notified by e-mail from October 13th, 2015 to October 19th, 2015. Presentation criteria and other details will be sent, as well, in that notification.
  • There can be a maximum of 2 abstracts per registration.


  • All the summaries lectures and abstracts (Proceeding book) will be published in Nutrición Hospitalaria.
  • Conclusions of the Congress and the 12 best oral communications -in scientific paper format- will be published afterwards in a supplement of  Nutrición Hospitalaria.


  1. Hydration physiology and adequate intake and expenditure energy
  2. Hydration, eating habits and dietary patterns.
  3. Genetic influence on hydration status.
  4. Hydration, physical activity and sports medicine
  5. Dehydration, rehydration and electrolyte balance in sports performance.
  6. Role of hydration in short and long term health.
  7. Physiological and clinical assessment of body water deficits.
  8. Hydration in oncologic disease and related treatment.
  9. Hydration in children and adolescents, women and elderly people.
  10. Hydration and cognitive health.
  11. Hydration and digestive health.
  12. Hydration and the metabolic syndrome: diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular health.


• TITLE: 15 words maximum, in capitals and bold letters.

• AUTHOR’S NAMES: main author/presenter must be included among the authors and underlined.

• Affiliations of the authors must be included.

• KEYWORDS: 5 keywords maximum.

• The abstract must contain 225 words.

• Avoid the inclusion of figures, tables or references.

We advise that the abstract should be submitted using the following headings:








It is absolutely compulsory to submit your abstract online. Abstracts sent by post or fax will not be accepted. All abstracts will be submitted on the Congress website

Once you have sent your abstract via web, check that you have received a confirmation e-mail. Please, if you don’t receive any confirmation, send an e-mail to:


1. Abstract must be written in English.

2. The document must be compatible with Microsoft Word 95 format, using Arial font 10 pt.

3. The text must be left-justified and without blank spaces between lines or paragraphs.

4. Title, Author, etc., must be in capital and bold letters followed by colon (:).

5. Only standardized abbreviations will be allowed. Any abbreviation should be explained in brackets, the first time it appears in the text.

6. Please check the abstract carefully before submission.




  1. Dimensions: posters will be 70 cm (wide) x 120 cm (high) (1 piece). Coca-Cola Iberia will print all posters with the same layout.
  2. File: posters will be sent in PDF format
  3. Font sizes and Guidance: to ensure the correct reading, will need to use font type "Arial", recommending the following font sizes: title (size 60-72), authors (size 44-50), affiliation (size 40-44), summary of the communication section headings (introduction, methods,…) in size 48-60 and development of each section in size 40-48.
  4. Content: posters must include the full contents of the summary of the paper submitted and accepted. Also can be integrated, if necessary, tables, figures, and 2 or 3 references. The inclusion of these elements must not involve removal of part of the text or decreasing the font size.
  5. Structure:
    • Top: title, logos, authors and author affiliation.
    • Middle: content of communication.
  6. Language: posters will be written in English
  7. The poster’s final dimensions will be 70 cm (wide) x 120   cm (high). Coca-Cola Iberia will print each poster, and each will be in a frame measuring 90 cm (wide) x 150 cm  (high), leaving a 10 cm margin on both sides (width) and 15 cm (above and below). The Coca-Cola logo will be incorporated into the frame design, with the  phrase: “Printed with the collaboration of Coca-Cola Iberia”.
  8. Everyone registered for the Congress will be given a  memory stick that contains the posters in PDF format, the program, the speakers’ abstracts and summaries of the communications given. Making an announcement or a speech at the Congress signifies permission to include it in this publication.


The deadline for reception of the final version of the posters (digital format) is November 2nd, 2015.



Oral communication acceptance will be notified by e-mail on November 15th, 2015.  Presentation criteria and other details will be sent, as well, in that notification. The oral communications will be done in English language.

Presentation time: 8 minutes, plus 2 minutes for discussion.



The organization will give the following awards:

12 awards for Global Communications

(best abstract, poster and oral communication as a whole)

1st Prize: 1200 €

2nd Prize: 900 €

10 others prizes: 300 €

The corresponding personal income tax withholding will be paid by the Compañía de Servicios de Bebidas Refrescantes, S.L.


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